Friday, March 23, 2012

Symbian Belle Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800|5230|5233|5530 All RMs

Symbian Belle Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800|5230|5233|5530 All RMs

Download the file and rename it to .zip from .sis ! The file contains 3 Themes and 8 Wallpapers for the firmware !

This new custom firmware is compatible with all the versions of the mentioned phone models and comes with Anna Icon Sets, New Theme Effects, Super Fast Sensor, Kinetic Scrolling and much more. This is not completely Belle Firmware, but this cfw is much more awesome than Belle when you use the Bonus LinsPirat HD Wallpapers.

First of all, I would like to say that this cfw is Simply Awesome and Best cfw you’ve used ever! If you are a Graphics Freak and Love your Phone to look pretty, then this cfw is what you need.

What’s New ? Features

- Fast and Colorful (60MB+ RAM at Start Up , Loads of color in LinsPirat theme).

- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Theme!

- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Walls.

- NEW! LinsPirat LTS theme.

- NEW! 5 LinsPirat Ringers (Personally edited from fav tunes).

- LinsPirat v1 theme Revamped (will be available for Auto Installer). - New! 6+2 LinsPirat HD walls.

- Music Player Supporting Karaoke with any .lrc file (15.2 default).

- NEW! — Windows Phone 7 Giant font! (Have a plan to release giant version in future.)

- New and reworked ANIMATED LinsPirat LTS Boot Screen (mbm file for smooth animation).

- LinsPirat v1 Theme included – (Colorful and with Anna POP Icons)

- 5 Extra equalizer presets.

- Glossy Swipe to unlock.

- Common Good Apps cooked within CFW.

- ROM Patcher with proven patches.

- Personal Server Links.

- Effects : Android Theme effects by nhelske.

Click here to Download the Core Files and Firmwares for your Respective Phone Version !


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